Road to Hana

Hana Highway is a world-famous route and is the most popular day trip on Maui, Hawaii. The Road to Hana connects Kahului with the town of Hana. The road might be only 52 miles, but it is dubbed as “The Divorce Highway.” The journey along the Hana Road features curves and bumps, making it a bit exhausting. You will come across more than 600 hairpin curves, 59 one-lane bridges, and countless blind spots on the way. But, all of this comes with a mesmerizing and breathtaking view.

There are myriad of attractions along the way – from tropical forests to black sand beaches and waterfalls. You can stop in between and enjoy the roadside scenery. As you explore the island, you will also come across many roadside stalls. The stalls have a variety of items such as fragrant flowers, local handmade jewelry, banana bread, fresh pineapple, and other Hawaiian cuisine items.

Most Epic Road to Hana Stops
Here are the most epic stops that you should not miss at all while on your adventurous ride on Hana Road.

1. Paia Town
Lots of people choose to stock up on coffee, gas, and snacks from Paia Town before starting their trip clockwise to Hana. It is the best place to pick up some goodies for the roadside trip.

2. Twin Falls
Twin Falls is a nice place to stop and worth a quick peek. The hike towards the waterfall is very beautiful, and farm stands are selling multiple items such as banana bread, coconut water, and smoothies.

3. Maui’s Garden
Maui’s Garden is a botanical garden and one of the favorite tourist attractions. You will come across all kinds of photo options for your Instagram, most popular being a 100-year-old mango tree. In addition, visitors can also explore a local art gallery and bird feeding area in the garden.

4. Paua Kaa State Wayside Park
The journey on The Road to Hana takes almost an entire day. So, Paua Kaa State Wayside Park offers a place to stretch your legs and recharge yourself. While on the stop, you can manage a quick hike to a nearby waterfall and a freshwater pool.

5. Lava Tube
The Hana Lava Tube also dubbed as Ka’Eleku Caverns is an adventurous spot for family adventures. Here you can experience self-guided cave tours, which take around 40 minutes. The activity is super fun, safe, and easy.

6. Wai’anapanapa State Park
Wai’anapanapa State Park is the most popular stop on Road to Hana besides the Hana Town itself. You can easily hike the loop trail and take a refreshing dip in the ocean here.

7. Hana Town
When you arrive at the Historic Sophia’s Church, it marks your arrival into Hana. Here, you will see the pastures roll right up to the main street. The town has a serene and historical vibe. You can visit many attractions such as Hana Beach Park, Hale Piilani, the state’s largest Hawaiian temple, Hana Cultural Centre & Museum, Hasegawa General Store, and Hana Ranch Store Ka’uiki Restaurant and Travaasa Spa.