Staying Safe in Hawaii
Hawaii Rainbow

With our tropical weather and unbelievable scenery, Hawaii really is a paradise. In fact, visitors consistently give Hawaii high marks for our natural beauty, safety, and security. But even in paradise, precautions should be taken to avoid a bad situation.

Although tourist areas are generally safe, visitors should always stay alert, even in Hawaii (and particularly in Waikiki).  Avoid deserted areas, especially at night. Don’t go into any city park at night unless there’s an event that draws crowds—for example, the Waikiki Shell concerts in Kapiolani Park.

Generally speaking, you can feel safe in areas where there are many people and lots of open businesses.

Avoid carrying valuables with you on the street, and don’t flaunt expensive cameras or electronic equipment. Hold on to your purse, and place your wallet in an inside pocket. In theaters, restaurants, and other public places, keep your possessions in view. Remember also that hotels are open to the public and that security may not be able to screen everyone entering, especially on large properties. Always lock your room door—don’t assume that once inside your hotel you’re automatically safe.

Crimes of tourists’ rental cars in hotel parking structures and at beach or hiking parking lots have become more prevalent. Park in well-lit and well-traveled areas, if possible. Never leave any packages or valuables visible in the car. If someone attempts to rob you or steal your car, do not try to resist the thief or carjacker—report the incident to the police department promptly. Ask your rental car agent about particular spots to avoid on each island, and get written directions or a map with the route to your destination clearly marked.