7 Tips for a Perfect Hawaiian Wedding
Hawaii wedding tips

Your dream Oahu Wedding can be a reality! Just keep these 7 tips in mind while planning your wedding in Hawaii.

Destination weddings are increasing in popularity as more people shun the hotel ballrooms for a picturesque wedding on some faraway beach. An Oahu Wedding is a perfect choice no matter the time of year. No international travel means you may convince more guests to come and you’ll find a number of gorgeous locations for your wedding ceremony and reception. Here are 7 tips for planning your Oahu Wedding.

Tip #1. Use a Wedding Coordinator
If you’re planning your Wedding in Hawaii from a distance, you’ll want to utilize the services of a wedding planner or coordinator. This is especially true if you’re not familiar with the venues. Your wedding coordinator will help you select where you hold your ceremony, suggest venues for the reception, organize the services of local vendors, and much more.

Tip #2. Choose a Hotel or Resort Wedding Package
An even easier way to plan an Oahu Wedding from afar is to choose one of the many packages offered by Oahu resorts and hotels. If you’re dreaming of a wedding on the beach then you’re in luck as many of the hotels that offer such packages are right on the water. What is included in these wedding packages varies by property. Some offer packages that include everything you’ll need for your big day while others may only include the venue rental with other services and catering offered ala carte.

Tip #3. Pick Your Date
Seems obvious, right? Some couples get so overwhelmed at the thought of all the details that go into planning their Oahu Event that they put the whole thing off. That’s a mistake. Pick your date and reserve your venue as far in advance as possible. You can worry about all the other details as you go, but you’ve got to reserve the venue you want to make sure you can get your first choice of location. You can think about the menu, the guest list, the music, and other details later, but reserve your venue as soon as you can.

Tip #4. Have a Plan B
The weather is one of the best reasons to have your wedding in Hawaii, but you should have a Plan B just in case it rains on your wedding day. Options include renting a canopy to place on the beach or having an indoor venue as a backup plan. You’ll find that some indoor venues offer sweeping ocean views, so this isn’t a terribly disappointing second choice. Also, even on rainy days in Hawaii, it doesn’t usually rain all day. If it’s possible to be flexible with your ceremony time – or if you think a misty rain might add to the charm of your wedding – then you might be able to have your outdoor ceremony even if it rains.

Tip #5. Add Some Local Charm
Many couples who choose to have an Oahu Wedding make the day extra special by adding some local touches. This could be as simple as wearing leis or as elaborate as hiring hula dancers or fire dancers to put on a show for guests or local musicians to play Hawaiian music at the reception. Your wedding coordinator can help you add these local touches that will help to make your day unforgettable!

Tip #6. Choose Your Attire Wisely
This goes for any destination wedding, not just a Wedding in Hawaii. If you’re getting married on the beach – or any outdoor venue – you may want to reconsider the choice of a bulky wedding dress. As you walk across the sand, your floor-length gown is going to continue to collect sand. Also, you’ll be much more comfortable in a lighter, breezier fabric than what you’ll find on many traditional gowns. As you shop for your dream dress, be sure to keep these things in mind, so you won’t be unhappy or uncomfortable on your big day.

Tip #7. Choosing a Hotel
As you look for Hotels for your Oahu Event keep in mind that you’ll want something that is convenient for your guests who may want to explore the Island. Location is everything. The good news is that if you choose a resort or hotel package for your Oahu Wedding, you may be entitled to a room discount and the property is likely to be right on the water. Be sure to inquire about reserving a block of rooms for your guests, so that there will be enough to accommodate all who may come. Typically, the block and special pricing will expire a few weeks before the event. If your guests are booking their own rooms for your Wedding in Hawaii, be sure to communicate the cutoff date for getting the special pricing.