1.5 hrs
Minimum Age

Efoil Surfing Lessons

This is surfing in Hawaii at the next level! If you think surfing is fun, wait until you try EFOILING

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Ages 16+ | max weight of 300lb per board – Riders 18 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

You will feel like you are FLYING just inches above the water

Your 90-minute lesson will take you from prone – to standing – to flying over the ocean. This hydrofoil is powered by an electric motor, so you won’t be working hard at all. Our instructors work one-on-one with you on land and on the water to get you flying in your first session.

Efoils are self-propelled all-electric hydrofoil boards. You may not be familiar with the term “hydrofoil”, but you probably have seen them. A hydrofoil is literally a wing that is attached to the bottom side of a surfboard (or boat) to create lift underwater. This allows the rider to lift the board above the surface of the water to achieve a flying action that is very exhilarating. An efoil combines the board with the hydrofoil and adds an electric propeller to generate enough thrust to achieve flight. The 90-minute lesson includes:

  • Ocean Safety
  • Efoil safety (life vest, helmet, and a whistle are provided)
  • Efoil operation
  • Rules and regulations that apply to efoil operation in Hawaii
  • Respect for ocean resources

Every customer receives one-to-one instruction. This means that an instructor will be on the beach, and on the water with each student for the duration of the lesson. All instructors are trained on ocean safety, boating safety, and first aid CPR. Every student is required to wear a life vest, helmet, and a whistle for safety (all provided with the lesson). Our goal is to get each customer to stand up on the efoil and to experience the sensation of flying over water.

We have two meet-up spots that are dependent on the weather. We will contact you within 24 hours of your booking to let you know the exact meetup location. We currently meet up at:

  • Ke’ehi Boat Launch Ramp
    10 Sand Island Parkway (AKA Sand Island Access Rd)
    Honolulu HI 96819
    United States
  • Bellows AFS
    220 Tinker Road
    Waimanalo HI 96795
    United States
Efoil Surfing Lessons
Solo Lesson
One person • Ages 16+
1.5 hours $350
Group of 2
2 people • Ages 16+
1.5 hours per person $700
Group of 3
2 people • Ages 16+
1.5 hours per person $1050
Group of 4
2 people • Ages 16+
1.5 hours per person $1400

We offer a full refund up to 24-hours before your appointment. If you havenʻt contacted us at least 24-hours before the day of your appointment, we are unable to refund your purchase. However, we may be able to re-schedule your appointment based upon availability. No-shows will be charged the full price.

Exchanges are not applicable

Gift Cards are not refundable

What should I wear for my lesson?
First of all, we will be spending most of the lesson in the water, so a swimsuit is an obvious answer. What may not be obvious is that you will be transitioning between three positions: prone – kneeling – standing. Our deck pads on our boards are very good for foot grips, which also means they can wear on your knees. It would be a good idea to protect your knees with either longer swim pants or neoprene sleeves to avoid unnecessary rubs or skin abrasions. For women, we definitely recommend more than a bikini bottom. Ideally, wearing aerobic pants or paddling pants would be helpful. A shirt is also a good idea to keep the sun off your arms and back, but not necessary.

What equipment will be provided by HEE?
Safety is paramount for us, so we will provide every student with a helmet and a life vest. We have multiple sizes, so you will be covered. We also use communication devices so that we can provide you with clear instructions while we are on the water. Finally, we provide the efoil and all necessary equipment to ensure that you have a fun-filled experience.

Do I need surf experience to ride the eFoil?
Not at all! Any type of boarding experience is helpful so that you have a good understanding of balancing on a moving board. This includes skateboards, snowboards, wake boards, and surfboards. Balance is a big part of riding any board, so even balance beam experience helps with efoiling.

Can I bring my GoPro camera to capture this experience?
Absolutely! You will want to watch yourself when you get home. Your family and friends will want to know why you are so excited about this efoiling thing. We have helmet mounts on every helmet, and a board mounts on the nose of our efoil boards. As long as you have a standard GoPro mount to slip onto our helmets or boards, you are encouraged to bring your GoPro camera.

How far from shore will be go?
Our lessons are mostly conducted in paths that are parallel to the shoreline. The area that we use typically is 200 – 300 feet offshore so that we are not interfering with offshore fishing and most swimmers. People on the beach will be able to see you, but they won’t see the color of your eyes.