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Honolulu, Waikiki

Oahu Surf Lessons

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Up to 2 Hours

All surfers share a common sensation that simply can’t be explained in words. After your very first wave, you’ll share it too. Our mission is to help you experience that sensation and to reach the next level of performance. Our goal is to enhance your total surfing experience through smart instruction in a personal environment.

Our surfing lessons in Waikiki are customized to fit any experience level and learning style. They are crafted individually for the beginning surfer who wants to test the waters for the very first time, for the intermediate surfer looking to improve on fundamentals or take on more challenging waves and maneuvers, and for the advanced professional level surfer who is on the search for a competitive edge or simply to push themselves to their own personal limits.

Our lessons for beginners will teach you the basic elements of the sport to get you up and riding —surfing etiquette, water safety, body positioning, board handling and positioning, paddling, and getting up on your feet.

For our advanced students, the instruction takes on a refined direction that matches your riding style — correcting ‘bad habits’, identifying strengths and weaknesses in technique, competitive strategies, and surfing bigger waves.

Most importantly, all students will receive instruction that acknowledges the mental, emotional, and spiritual elements that make surfing such a unique and beautiful sport. You’ll learn how to connect with the ocean environment, understand the line up and the actions of surfers around you, and surf to express your personality.

Our lessons are customized to your skill level. All prices include surfboards and all the equipment you need to get up and ride. All you have to bring is is your swim suit or board shorts, towel, sunscreen and change of clothes.

$180 Two Hour Private Lessons All ages & abilities (1 on 1 instruction, tandem lessons available)
$140 Two Hour Semi-Private Lessons Price is per person and requires 2 students over the age of 13 with their own instructor
$125 Two Hour Exclusive Group Price is per person for 3 or more students over the age of 13 who can swim with their own instructor.
$120 Two Hour Family Lessons Must include 1 parent & 1 child 12 and under & can add more family members; all must be able to swim
$430 Two & Half Hours Professional Coaching Lesson with a Pro

Customers will receive a full refund with 48 hours notice of cancellation during our high traffic seasons* and/or when we specify, and we offer 24 hours notice of cancellation during the rest of the year. Large group bookings may be informed of a 72-hour cancellation policy. Please contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about rescheduling. No-shows will be charged the full price. Rescheduling within the same day of your lesson may be subject to a rescheduling fee, and same-day rescheduled lessons are no longer eligible for refunds once rescheduled.

*High traffic season dates = June 15th to August 31st / Thanksgiving week / December 15th to January 5th / Spring Break weeks between the middle of March to end of April.

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