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Kauai Airplane Adventure

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In our AirVan, we can give you the highest quality Kauai airplane tour, bar none. This roomy plane has huge bubble windows that give you an unobstructed wrap-around view as well as a downward view. Our state-of-the-art headsets allow everyone to communicate with the pilot, as well as with each other and listen to the hand-picked music provided by your pilot.

This tour can be booked either as an AirVan Grand Deluxe Tour or as an AirVan Private Charter, which is better for larger groups. Individual bodyweight must be under 320 pounds. For private parties of four, five, or six persons, the total body weight must be under 1100 pounds. We cannot safely travel with more, and we cannot refund you at weigh-in if it comes in higher.

  • Kipu Kai
  • Jurassic Park falls
  • Waimea Canyon
  • Na Pali Coast
  • Wai’ale’ale crater
  • Hanalei Bay
  • Hanalei Valley waterfalls
  • Winter whale watching

At approximately 65 minutes, this is the ultimate air tour of the Garden Isle.

Tour Route

  • Starting in Lihue, you first see Kipu Kai, the beach made famous by Harrison Ford’s 6 Days and 7 Nights.
  • Travel on to see the famous Jurassic Park waterfall in the beautiful Hanapepe Valley (weather permitting).
  • Soar over the vast Waimea Canyon, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” as well as the famous Na Pali Coastline.
  • Finish off with the lovely Hanalei Bay before heading back to the Lihue Airport.
  • The additional time also allows us to show you the numerous waterfalls of the Hanalei Valley as well as the crater below Kauai’s Mt. Waiale’ale.
  • In the winter months, whale watching may be feasible. Our tours can also feature customizable routes, with an expert agricultural narrative (exclusively offered by Wings Over Kauai), and a complimentary Kauaian gift.
Kauai Airplane Adventure
All ages

Full refunds made if the pilot cancels the flight at any time or with the customer’s 36-hour cancellation notice prior to departure time. Refunds will not be made for no-shows.

Do people experience motion sickness on the planes?

We try to limit the motion you will feel on the plane. We do our very best to keep the turns shallow and the motion to a minimum so that you can focus on the beautiful scenery and not have to worry.  But there are windy days here, and that does create turbulence in the air. We try to avoid the more turbulent areas and to minimize turning as much as possible. You will not feel as much motion in a plane as you will on a boat — it’s more like a bus — but on a windy day, it is like a bus on a winding road. If you are motion-sensitive in a car, this is similar.

What about the weather? What happens if it is cloudy or raining?

Unfortunately, we do have rainy days out here. We try hard to work with you and reschedule if possible, especially if it looks like the weather will be improving during your stay.  So we do suggest booking in the early part of your stay so there will be another day to reschedule to if needed.

Will I be charged if we have to cancel due to the weather?

If we cancel your tour due to weather, you will be immediately refunded your full payment. We generally are the first tour operator to cancel because we don’t want to make you pay to go up and see clouds. But sometimes you just have to go and see what you can see because the weather just isn’t going to give us a break.

Haena Beach
Hanalei Falls
Jurassic Falls
NaPali Coast