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Big Island

Deluxe Big Island Snorkeling Adventure

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On an oceanic adventure to our snorkeling destination – historic Kealakekua Bay & Captain Cook Monument. We depart from Honokohau Harbor and prepare you for the adventures that await you on this beautiful Kona coastline adventure. You can get here easily by boat but it’s a long and arduous hike to reach the Capt. Cook memorial! On the cruise, you’ll see sea caves and rugged landscapes along the way! This trip features personal attention in a small group setting. Join us for this great ocean journey along the historic Kona coast!

You will enjoy about 3/4 hour snorkeling at Captain Cook Monument and watch dolphins and flying fish when cruising the rugged Kona coastline.

Please arrive at 7:30 am for check-in. Boarding closes at 7:50 am so don’t miss the boat!

Entering the calm waters of Kealakekua Bay you will snorkel with colorful tropical fish, above emerald green coral gardens and with luck watch Hawaiian spinner dolphins, green sea turtles & humpback whales (During whale watching season – November to March).

See where the famous explorer James Cook first arrived in Hawaii. You will travel close to the site of historic Ka`awaloa village and the home of Hawaiian Royalty.

Children of all ages and beginners are welcome on this Kealakekua Bay snorkeling adventure. (This trip is not for those in wheelchairs or unable to climb several steps to board)

Deluxe Big Island Snorkeling Adventure – Morning or Afternoon
Ages 13+
Ages 3-12
Ride Along – No snorkeling $79.95

Non-refundable, cannot be rescheduled.
Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded and cannot be rescheduled because your space is guaranteed at the event.

Activity may be canceled by the seller due to severe weather.
The activity usually runs in light rain and other moderate weather conditions, but the seller may cancel the activity up to an hour before the start time in the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions. If the seller cancels the event due to severe weather at the scheduled tour time, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule tickets (subject to availability) or receive credit for a future event or receive a refund. Trips may also be canceled if minimum passenger counts are not met. Trips canceled due to insufficient passenger counts are fully refunded.

Can you accommodate cruise ship passengers?
The different cruise ship companies have different arrival times in Kailua-Kona. If your cruise ship arrives at 9 a.m., then you should have enough time to make the 11:45 a.m. tour. Regardless of when your cruise ship arrives, there are a couple of factors that will determine if you can get to Keauhou Bay in time to board one of our cruises. Make sure that you are aboard one of the tender boats that will ferry you from the cruise ship (anchored) to the pier in downtown Kailua-Kona by 9:30 a.m. You will also want to have a taxi waiting for you at the pier to bring you to Keauhou Bay. You can make arrangements with the ship concierge to reserve a taxi for you. It is a 25-minute taxi ride from the Kailua-Kona pier to Keauhou Bay.

What’s the difference between morning and afternoon trips?
The morning does not offer any additional experiences not available to the afternoon trip. The same number of fish live in the bay and ocean throughout the day. The main difference is you are more likely to have clear skies in the morning and a few more clouds in the afternoon.

What type of footwear do I need?
Slippers or sneakers are fine, but you will spend the majority of your time walking barefoot while on-board. No need for reef shoes since guests are not allowed to step on coral while in the water.

Can I bring my camera?
A waterproof camera is recommended. A non-waterproof camera in a baggie works fine. The boat is relatively dry, so as long as you don’t drop the camera/phone into the water or have wet hands after snorkeling, almost any camera is good to bring.

What should I bring aboard the boat?
Towel, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera, and a warm cover-up are recommended..

Will your boat take us to Captain Cook Monument?
Kealakekua Bay is where you find the Captain Cook Monument, and you will be able to see the monument aboard the Captain Cook Snorkeling Tour.

Do you recommend the dolphin swim for a novice/non-swimmer?
As long as you take a noodle or flotation device of some kind and you pay attention to our instructions, non-swimmers can enjoy the dolphin swim too. But it is more challenging, and beginning snorkelers or non-swimmers would be advised to take the Captain Cook Snorkeling Tour first — that tour snorkels primarily in the most protected part of the island, Kealakekua Bay and Captain Cook Monument.

Do I need to bring a dry bag along to protect my things?
It’s not necessary, but some people do pack their phone in a dry-bag. Our vessels are designed so water does not come splashing overboard. But wet hands after snorkeling can also be a problem for electronics.

Is your crew trained in first aid and emergency response?
Yes, our captains and crew take first aid and emergency response courses.

What are the chances that the trip will be canceled due to poor weather or sea conditions?
We are happy to report sunny skies and calm waters are common on the west side of the Big Island, so we cancel less than 20 cruises a year due to bad weather. If the captain feels the weather will affect the safety of our guests, then they will cancel the cruise, and guests receive a full refund. Also, staff will do their very best to have you rescheduled on another cruise before you return home. Tropical weather is known for quickly passing rain showers and changing weather conditions. Because of this, our captains address weather concerns on the day of the cruise.

Can we go ashore on our cruise?
No, in order to protect the coral reef and the safety of our guests, no one is allowed to climb onto land. Your vessel will act as your private retreat, allowing you to come and go as you please while you enjoy your day at sea.

Will I get seasick?
If you typically get seasick when on the water/ocean, we suggest you take seasickness medicine at least two hours before your trip. But most people find they do not get seasickness due to the type of movement on our boat.

How do I get in and out of the water?
A ladder is available to return back into the boat after snorkeling. Initially getting into the water is just a hop off the side.

What about bathrooms?
There are no bathrooms onboard, but hop off the side and simply swim away from fellow snorkelers to find a place where you can find bladder relief. There is also a public restroom where we begin and end our trips.

What about shade on the tours?
Both our boats have shaded canopies or tops for escaping the sun. We also have sunny parts of the boat open to the sun, which is very nice if you are chilled after snorkeling. However, sun-block and a light cover-up are still strongly recommended.

Is there snorkeling instruction?
We provide snorkeling instruction on each trip. Ask your crew member if you’d like a review.

Can we snorkel if we don’t swim?
Standing on the ladder is always an option if you are a beginner. We recommend Captain Cook Monument and Kealakekua Bay for all people who are new to snorkeling. Kealakekua Bay is a very well protected bay that offers calm pool-like conditions all year-round. We conduct snorkel classes onboard the boat for anyone who is interested. We host many non-swimmers who want to join their family and friends on our cruises. We have floatation devices such as pool noodles to assist you while in the water.