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Big Island

Paniolo Coffee Roasting Experience

Experience Kona Coffee In Hawaii The Way That Hawaiian Cowboys Have For Hundreds Of Years

Coffee and cowboys have a long-standing tradition here in Hawaii, reaching further back than the Texas ranches. In this 45 minute Hawaiian Paniolo/Paniola Roast tour, learn the traditional way of roasting coffee and the history of coffee in Kona. Take a piece of Kona’s history home with your own hand-roasted bag of coffee, included with each roast.
When you join us for your Paniolo Coffee Roasting Class in Kona, Hawaii, you will be given a chance to roast your own beans “cowboy style”! After roasting delicious Kona coffee beans, you’ll name your roast and then take it home with you in heat sealed packaging. You’ll learn the deep cowboy (paniolo) culture roots that this island was founded with!

Paniolo Coffee Roasting Experience

Ages 13+

We ask that all cancellations be made 72 hours prior to the start time of your tour for a full refund.