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Fully Screened and Background Checked Nannies – Located on Oahu, Serving All of the Hawaiian Islands

Do you need a babysitter for the tour or adventure you just booked? With many years of experience, our Paradise Nannies providers have you covered.

All candidates go through a strict vetting procedure and application process.

We guarantee your child will receive the best possible care. Babysitters are available in advance and last minute.

Great for both local and vacationing families!

CANCELLATION POLICY The agency referral fees ($39/day) are non-refundable regardless of cancelation time. Babysitter costs are refundable with at least 48 hours’ notice. Cancelations made within 48hours will be charged for 3 hours for babysitter costs ($75 or $90 depending on the number of children). No-shows will be charged the same as a cancelation within 48 hours. Changes after the initial request to babysitter days/times will constitute a cancelation and require a new booking with a payment. Customers will receive a credit if we cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Contact us by phone or email to cancel or inquire about a cancellation.


Vacation Babysitter
Agency Fee

Babysitter Rates:

Please Note – Babysitter rates and travel fees are paid in cash directly to the babysitter.

For 1, 2, or 3 children (up to 10 hours) $25/hr + $10 travel fee
For 4 or 5 children (up to 10 hours) $30/hr + $10 travel fee

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