2 hrs
All Ages
Minimum Age

North Shore Oahu Beginner Hike

Everyone in the family can enjoy this peaceful hike! Have an amazing time on this beginner hike along the mountainside on the North Shore of Oahu.

Traverse three miles of trail and enjoy your time immersed in the Hawaiian wilderness.

Our friendly and knowledgeable guides take you to the best spots, where you can see spectacular wildlife and beautiful panoramic views of the ocean and the mountains.

Don’t worry about stopping for photos!

Our guides can take photos and put together a fun slideshow so you can share your Oahu experience with your family and friends.

All you have to do is enjoy this incredible hike.

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive promptly 15-30 minutes before your hike to check-in.
  1. For all reservations, you must give us at least a 48-hour advanced cancellation/reschedule notice if you want to cancel to avoid being charged. If you cancel 48 hours before your reservation, we will not run your card. There is a cancellation fee per person for canceling less than 48 hours before the tour.
  2. We need confirmation the day before the tour that you will be coming out for your tour so we know you will be showing up, or we will not think the reservation is valid. We set up a guide specifically for your reservation, so it is very important. When you confirm your tour, that’s when we will give you the details of your tour.
  3. After confirming a reservation a day before, you are not able to then cancel/reschedule later on. If you still want to cancel after then confirming your tour, you will still be charged, as we have then set up a guide for you.
  4. Please note that there is a $20 per person charge for canceling less than 48 hours before the tour for vouchered tours.**, those without vouchers forfeit the whole tour’s cost.
North Shore Oahu Beginner Hike

This adventure is operated by North Shore Tour Guide