4 hrs
Minimum Age

North Shore Lava Tube Dive

Beautiful and unique dives in world-renowned Pupukea Marine Life Preserve, known locally as “Sharks Cove”.

Here we encounter underwater topography such as lava tubes and tunnels, trenches, arches, and an abundance of protected marine life such as turtles, monk seals, octopi, rays, and a plethora of native fish!

What is a Lava Tube?
A lava tube is a lava cave that can form when lava, or pele in Hawaiian, flows beneath the surface of the hardened rock. As the underground flow slows and cools, tunnels can form as it creates a crust around itself. Underwater, this creates a truly spectacular seascape few people see. Tunnels, caverns, arches, pillars, and trenches resulting from this geological process are spread throughout some of the dives we offer at Banzai Divers Hawaii.

Dive sites are chosen each day based on weather and water conditions, requests for specific sites will be noted.


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION 54–0 59 Waikulama Street
Hauula, Hawaii 96717Please allow adequate travel time. Check GPS and maps
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive promptly 15-30 minutes before your adventure.
WHAT TO BRING Swimwear, Towels, Reef Safe Sunscreen
WHATS INCLUDED Instructor, Equipment, Snacks & Drinks
All cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled dive start time. Any cancellation made less than 48 hours ahead of the scheduled time will not be refunded. For any class date missed, a rescheduling fee of $75 will apply.
North Shore Lava Tube Dive
Certified Divers
all rental gear included

This adventure is operated by Banzai Divers