7 hrs
All Ages
Minimum Age

Native Hawaiian Circle Island Tour

Fun day trips from Waikiki 🏝️

On our small group Oahu island tours, we combine the must see’s & do’s with hidden gems — and all while avoiding tourist traps and commission stops 🤙🏽

We’ll cater to exactly what’s best for your group by adjusting stops & times, suggesting lesser-known spots, and by weaving in as many of your “Hawaii bucket list” items as we can 🐢

You’re going to get the perfect balance of what you came to see & do PLUS what you need to see & do but didn’t know about ⚖️

We’re native Hawaiians born & raised on Oahu and are actively involved in promoting:

👑 Hawaiian History & Culture

🤙🏾 Respect for Hawaii’s People

💼 Support of Local Businesses

🤝🏽 Community Building & Sustainable Tourism

We’re excited to share with you a true, authentic Hawaiian experience that you can feel good about and won’t get anywhere else 🏝️

We’ll custom design a relaxing day that’ll deepen your connections with your friends or family, you’ll spend the day with a friendly guide who sincerely cares about surprising and delighting you throughout your day, you’ll have the freedom to move at your own pace, and you’ll visit breathtaking spots that’ll leave you with meaningful memories forever!

…and there just might be some of Hawaii’s best shave ice, garlic butter shrimp, and sea turtles along the way 🍧🍤🐢

We’re not a big bus tour (our van only seats 14) and we only take a few groups out at a time, so that everyone receives attention, all needs are met & nobody feels crowded or rushed 🚗

Instead of feeling like a tourist, you’ll feel like you’re cruising around Hawaii with your good friends 😊

And if anyone in your group is shy or introverted, no worries. There’s plenty of space to be included & having fun, all while staying out of the spotlight and not feeling pressured 🌴

If you do, however, have a loud, extraverted goofball in your group who enjoys telling dumb jokes & thinks they’re way funnier than they really are… PLEASE bring that person!

Our tour is a safe space for people who think they’re funny… but aren’t 🤣

Sorry family members — we welcome bad dad jokes and we’ll actively encourage him 🕺🏽



Native Hawaiian Circle Island Tour
Ages 13+
Infant-12 years

Cancel anytime, even the day of the tour, and receive a full refund Customers will also receive a full refund or credit in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Contact us by phone to cancel. No-shows will be charged the full price.


How much is your tour?
Normal Price (From Waikiki)

$179 + tax for adults

$109 + tax for children (infant-12 years)

Holiday Price (From Waikiki)

$199 + tax for adults

$129 + Tax for children (infant-12 years)

What if I need to cancel?
You can cancel anytime, even the day of your tour, and we’ll immediately initiate a FULL refund without questions or penalty.

Life happens, we get that, and we never play with people’s money.

It usually takes two business days to receive your refund.

How do pick-ups work?
If you’re in Waikiki, we’ll pick you up at your doorstep.


📱We call you the night before.

📱We call you the morning of.

🏨 7:45-8:00 am Waikiki hotel pickups.

➡️ 8:00 am leave Waikiki.

⬅️ 3:30 pm get back to Waikiki.

If you’re staying at a Waikiki non-hotel, like a vacation rental or private residence, just enter your pickup address in the comments during booking.

How long is the tour?
Around 7 hours, and we’re flexible.

Our goal is to make sure everyone gets to see and do as much as possible, without it being too long.

⚠️ Please don’t book any evening luaus, hot dates, or other evening activities with fixed times just in case we hit bad traffic on the way back.

Who will be our tour guide?
Justin or Zach…

Justin is a native Hawaiian born on Oahu, hailing from the Hawaiian homestead of Nanakuli valley 🤙🏾

Zach Cruz is a generational chef who loves cooking for his wife and driving our beautiful island 🏝️

Can we snorkel?
Yes you can, but we’ll try to nudge you not to, and here’s why:

1. The time it takes to change, get situated, figure out your snorkels, snorkel, shower, dry off, change back, and use restrooms takes about 1.5 hours. During that time we can show you A LOT of more fun stuff.

2. The snorkel spot all the other tours visit to “snorkel with turtles” is lame for snorkeling — imagine 50 people in the water kicking up sand trying to spot turtles 10 ft away underwater.

We’ll get you your turtles, don’t you worry, but while the other tours are spending 1.5 hours fiddling with their snorkel gear, we’ll already be having fun elsewhere!

If you’re passionate about snorkeling, pick any of the Waikiki Beach catamarans that go to “Turtle Canyon” — they’re awesome!

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately, our vehicles aren’t wheelchair accessible.

Do you have child seats?
Yes, and please let us know how many you need in the comments during booking so that we can reserve it for you.

Are you legal?
Yes! We have a current “PUC” which lets us make commercial use of our vehicle, we’re also commercially insured, and we’re current on vehicle safety checks ✅

We respect the law and follow it 👮

What vehicle will we be in?
A 14-passenger Ford Transit with nice AC and a PA system to hear the commentary.

It sits higher than regular vehicles, so you’ll have a great view.

What’s included?
🚙 A comfortable newer model vehicle with great air conditioning

🧊 Ice cold bottled water

📱 USB phone chargers

📍 Custom Itinerary

📸 Assistance taking fun photos

😁 A guide who sincerely cares & isn’t just collecting a paycheck

Can we drink on your tour?
Sure! We’ll bring a cooler with ice for drinks, and we can make beverage & restroom stops too 🍹

What’s up with lunch?
Where do we eat?

We stop for the best of the best food trucks — some featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, Man vs Food 🍤

Is lunch included?

Lunch isn’t included, because there are so many different options 🍖

You can expect to pay between $14-20 per plate, and you’ll love the food!

Fun fact:

90% of “the other guys” take you to a food stop because of their $4 / head kickbacks, and the food’s frozen from Costco 🧊

We don’t accept kickbacks, and we’ll take you to where da foods on fire 🔥

What should we bring?
🌊 Towel to dry off

💵 Cash for lunch ($12-20)

Sandals (aka slippas)


😎 Sunglasses (polarized if possible)

📱 Phone USB cable

🍾 Adult beverage (if you want)

😁 A smile

How should we dress?
Comfortable active beach wear

You’ll be able to do everything in flip-flops (called slippas here,) but if possible bring tennis shoes too 👟

You won’t need to bring swimwear or a towel, since we usually stay dry, but if you just have to get in the water you can bring em and we’ll find a good beach for ya 🩳

💡4 Booking Tips
1️⃣ Schedule your island tour at the beginning of your vacation, so that you get a good snapshot of the entire island, and you’ll know where to spend most of your time.

2️⃣ Book early, since we only have 11 seats per day (unless you’re doing a private tour.)

3️⃣ Don’t book a luau, hot date, or other evening activities with fixed times the day of your tour so that you won’t miss out in case of bad traffic.

4️⃣ Consider booking our tour, because it’s awesome, we stand by it, & we know everyone in your group will have a great time 🍧

And if you don’t get a chance to book our tour this time, please consider us your next vacation — we’d really like to show you the island the way it’s supposed to be seen 🏝️🎉🤙🏾